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Tips for Choosing the Best Fabric Filter Bags

Before you choose a filter bag to capture dust in your baghouse system, it is important that you consider things like size, moisture level, temperature and chemistry. Here is how to pick the best fabric filter bags.

The first step is to determine whether the filter bags you are considering can withstand the chemical make up in the dust particles. If the environment is chemically active or acidic, you need to find a fabric filter bag that will withstand it. A great fabric for such environment is Teflon which is able to chemically resist dry and moist heat conditions. Also, Teflon is great because it ensure dust cake release when the filter bags are cleaned.

The most important consideration when choosing a baghouse filter is the dust properties and particles being filtered. The nature of dust particles to be filtered may vary as some are fine particulate, abrasive of even bulky. Also, keep in mind that the fabric filter bags should support combustion if you are filtering explosive material.

The level of temperature in the baghouse system will also help you determine the kind of filter bag to purchase. If the temperatures in the baghouse system are very high, then you need to choose filter bags that are able to withstand it. If the temperatures are high, find a fabric that is heat resistant to prevent melting or damage. Therefore, instead of using thermoplastic, consider fabrics such as felt polyamide and aramid.

Similarly, the moisture level is an important variable that will help you find the right type of fabric for your application. Polyester is used in most baghouse systems like agriculture and woodworking because it can operate in ambient conditions. It is also widely used because of it is effective in energy absorption and its resistance to mineral acids as well as most oxidizing agents and organic solvents.

It is important to think about the style and size of filter bags that will fit appropriately in your dust collection system. By increasing the length of the filter bags, you will add to the filtering area and you will reduce the number of dust filter bags. However, a filter bag that is too short will reduce the dust removal efficiency and many dust collector filter bags will be required.

It is also important to ensure that you get your supplies from a reputable company to ensure that they are high quality. You should also get your supplies from reputable companies that provide you with a wide selection of the bags to choose from.

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