How to Get the Most from Internet Marketing

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In order to get the highest possible return on any internet marketing investment, it is essential that the website and social media pages of the business are fully integrated. That provides easy access to the website from any pages to increase traffic. A customer who notices a stunning picture on Instagram can be directed right to the business homepage. If a video on YouTube captures attention, browsers can learn more on the website. A blog post that makes someone think can entice that person to visit the site immediately. In addition to increasing traffic, it has the potential to also increase the conversion rate of the website. The conversion rate refers to the number of visitors who become customers. Repeat business can also begin via site and social media integration.

Make the cost of video production count by placing the video on multiple outlets. A video used on the homepage of the website can also be posted on YouTube, or used as an advertisement on a sponsored blog page. Consider creating a YouTube channel so visitors can view past and future videos with one click. Another idea is to make shorter videos and post different ones on each social media page. That will increase shares and generate buzz as people discover new products or information on each video.

Another way to expand the reach of marketing budgets is to make sure the business website is interesting and easy to navigate. Pages need to be clearly marked and have the capacity to download quickly. People will move on to the site of a competitor before they will wait for a page to load. Once browsers are on the site, have built-in measures to keep them active. That can include an offer to subscribe to a newsletter, a pop-up box that requests an email address, registering for a free trial of a service, or the opportunity to leave a comment or ask a question. A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page should be set up to combat any objections to placing an order. Address possible shipping issues by indicating a tracking number is provided, explain the easy return policy, or provide a tool free number for customer assistance. Most browsers will access the “About Us” page before leaving a site so be sure that is compelling and unique.